Free Cloth Diaper Service


Award Winning Service

Comfy Cotton has won numerous environmental and consumer awards over the course of their 30 years of serving the Southern Ontario community. 

No Unhealthy Disposables 

Take this opportunity to stop using disposable diapers full of chemicals harmful to your baby and to the environment. 

No Washing Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapering is great, but not if you have to wash those dirty diapers yourself. Our service takes care of all of that for you. No more washing cloth diapers for you. You have more important things to do. 

No Payments

We will not ask you for pre-payments of any kind. Simply register and enjoy our service for free if you are within our delivery zone. 

No Risk

If there was ever a time to use and try cloth diapers, it is right now. You get our service for free for a whole 2 weeks. NO payments, NO Risk. Just an award winning service for free that will benefit you and your baby. 

A Healthy Choice

Healthy for your baby, healthy for the environment, healthy for your wallet. Using a Cloth Diapering service really is a healthy choice. 



Since opening its doors in 1988, Comfy Cotton has been on a mission to help parents in Ontario enjoy more environmentally friendly products for their babies.

As a result Comfy Cotton has become one of the most reputable cloth diaper services in Canada. We employ 35 people, process over 4,400,000 lbs of soiled laundry per year and have won multiple environmental awards.

We believe that Cotton diapers are the only ecologically responsible alternative to toxic ”disposable” diapers and are the best way to protect your baby’s tush.

We are on a mission to helping parents be even more environmentally friendly. We look forward to welcoming you into the Comfy Cotton family.