Our Story

Comfy Cotton opened its doors in 1988. We have since grown to become the largest and oldest cloth diaper service in the GTA and one of the most reputable in Canada. Located in Markham, Ontario, in a 12000 square foot plant, with a staff of more than 35 people, we process over 4,400,000 lbs. per year of soiled laundry.

We believe that Cotton diapers are the only ecologically responsible alternative to toxic ”disposable” diapers and are the best way to protect your baby’s tush while protecting the environment your child will inherit.

As a professional diaper service, Comfy Cotton takes all the necessary steps to assure that all of our diapers are treated to match the pH of baby’s skin, are cleaned to the highest standards and to offer a hassle-free and economical diaper service for your family. We look forward to welcoming you into the Comfy Cotton family.

Our Cloth Diapers

Our cloth diapers are 100% cotton with no gels or chemicals added. Our diapers are rectangular shape Pre-Fold with 6 layers of cotton in the center and 4 layers on either side. Using a Pre-Fold diaper is extremely convenient when you secure it with a fitted velcro diaper cover; bringing a modern convenience to the age old tradition that promotes early toilet training.

We use an anti-bacterial rinse that is activated when the diapers are soiled. This prevents bacteria from forming on the diaper. We use extreme germ killing temperatures through a 13 stage washing and rinsing process. We also pH balance our diapers to match a baby’s skin pH level. This helps reduce rashes.

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Service Area

We service the Greater Toronto Area. From Hamilton to New Market to Oshawa. Please review the map to the left or contact us for a more precise service location.

At times, we service outside our normal territory. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.



Awarding Excellence

Comfy Cotton’s commitment to both its customers and the environment has been recognized over the years.

In fact, we have been awarded FIVE Environmental Awards of Excellence bestowed by the city of North York and Town of Markham.

No harsh chemicals are used in the diaper washing and sanitizing process. We launder and reuse cloth diapers 100 times before they are sold off. Our drivers’ routes are coordinated to reduce distance traveled and our vehicles follow a strict maintenance schedule to reduce emissions.

Comfy Cotton is more than a business to us. It is our way of helping both your family and impacting the environment.