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Q When should I sign up for the cotton diaper delivery service?
A You can register for our service at any time. Even after your bundle of joy has arrived!
Q When will I receive my first cotton diaper delivery?
A Your first cotton diaper delivery will be scheduled 2 weeks prior to your due date. You will receive further deliveries after you have notified us of the baby being born.
Q What size diaper should I choose?

A Consider the following weight ranges:

  • Newborn diapers are advocated for preemie babies, twins and triplets, their weight usually falls into the following range: 4lbs – 7lbs
  • Infant diapers are standard to most new parents. These babies fall into the following weight range: 7lbs – 18lbs
  • Toddler diapers are for the final diapering stage taking your baby all the way to potty training and are in the following weight range: 18 lbs +
Q What’s the difference between the diaper covers?
A There are quite a few different brands of diaper covers available and we are happy to advise you on our wide range of diaper covers and products. Just give us a call for more information.
Q Do I need to rinse or count the soiled diapers?
A Comfy Cotton offers a dry-pail system, so there is no need to rinse or count the soiled diapers. The diapers are treated with an anti-bacterial agent that delays bacteria growth and the associated smells.
Q What happens if I don’t get my diapers out on time for the driver?

A The best solution is to place your soiled diapers out for collection the night before. We have 3 options if you’ve missed a pick-up. Depending on your location:

  1. Hold onto your soiled diapers until the following week – Available for all customers, despite your residential location
  2. You can drop soiled diapers at our office in Markham – Not always convenient for out-of-town customers
  3. You can request a courier collection of your soiled diapers – For this option there is a $15.00 courier fee
Q If I missed a soiled diaper collection, will I still receive clean diapers the following week?
A We put two sets of diapers into circulation for each family. If you missed a pick-up, the following week we will have no diapers to deliver, UNLESS you request an extra order of diapers, for which there is a $5 charge. Otherwise we will just pick-up your soiled diapers.
Q Does Comfy Cotton deliver on holidays?
A We deliver on holidays. Should a change in our delivery schedule be necessary we will notify you (in writing, included in your diaper delivery), well in advance.
Q How are the diapers washed?
A We use very high, germ killing temperatures in our cleaning process, containing over 10 stages of washing, rinsing and flushing. We use a unique Ozone washing system for a better and more natural disinfection. Each load is pH balanced to match your baby’s skin preventing rashes.
Q Are Comfy Cotton’s diapers flat or fitted diapers?
A Comfy Cotton supplies a flat, rectangular shaped diaper which is traditionally called a Pre-Fold. Using a Pre-Fold diaper is extremely convenient when you secure it with a diaper cover. This ultimately gives you more diapering flexibility.
Q Who do the diapers belong to?
A The diapers are owned and supplied by Comfy Cotton and ALL diapers must be returned when you arrange for a final pick up.
Q What are your rates for multiple children?
A Our rates vary depending on YOUR specific needs. Please call the office if you have a question for specific pricing.
Q Do you service apartment buildings and condos?
A Yes, and we offer a 3 hour window of opportunity in which you will receive your delivery.
Q Can family and friends purchase gift certificates?
A Yes – it’s easy. All they need to do is call our office and we’ll do the rest!
Q Can I use pre-folds with other brands of diaper covers?
A Yes, pre-folds fit with many different brands of diaper covers.
Q Can someone else sign-up for the service on my behalf?
A Yes, as long as they have all the required information.
Q Does Comfy Cotton charge a fuel surcharge?
A No – we have no ‘hidden’ charges with our service!
Q What type of detergents are used in our washing process?
A We are the first in Canada to have an Ozone system and our detergents include: Soap, Sour, Softener, Alkaline, Bacteriostat, Chlorine and a Chlorine neutralizer.
Q Is it possible to put the service on hold?
A Yes, you can place a vacation hold by calling our office.
Q What happens if we need more than the standard amount of diapers?
A You can receive additional diapers for an additional cost. To order additional diapers please call the office.