Cloth Diapering Is A Powerful Choice You Can Make

Choosing to use cloth (cotton) diapers is a personal choice your family makes. Whether it is because it helps improve the environment, promotes your baby’s health or a matter of economics, the choice is based on what works best for your family. The following presents a number of benefits to choosing both cloth diapers for your baby and a Diaper service that washes and delivers those diapers for you.

Save The Environment

  • Disposables create significant harm to the environment
  • Using a Diaper Service saves resources! We launder in large quantities using less water, gas, energy, etc. compared to laundering at home.
  • In North America, we consume about 30 billion disposables PER YEAR!
  • Landfills contain 5 million tons of untreated human waste EVERY YEAR; a breeding ground for diseases that can lead to contamination.
  • About 92% of all disposables end up in land fills and would take about 250-600 years to decompose
  • The chemicals added to disposable diapers have been linked to many health related issues.
  • Each baby wearing disposable diapers creates about 1 Ton of toxic garbage  over the course of two years.
  • Disposable diapers account for 50% of household waste
  • over 250,000 trees  are destroyed and over 3.5 billion gallons of oil are used every year to manufacture disposables in North America

Save Your Money

Financially, is it worth it?
Yes, one of the top ways to save money while raising a baby is to use cloth diapers instead of disposables. Parents can expect to save between $1000 to $2000 by using cloth diapers and/or a diaper service like Comfy Cotton over the course of your baby’s potty training.

  • Savings multiply the more kids you have
  • Our diaper service uses less water, soap and energy than laundering cloth diapers at home; therefore saving you money.
  • Your baby will spend at least 20% less time in diapers, and be potty trained a year earlier, on average.

More Convenient

We pick up, launder, and return clean, sanitized, fresh diapers to your doorstep every week! You do not need the fuss of cleaning diapers or running to the store to get disposables. Let us take care of it all.

  • Weekly pick-up and delivery to your home
  • No more Laundry. Let us do it for you
  • Quantities adjusted to your needs
  • NO rinsing required – just drop the diaper in the re-usable, odour resistant pail
  • NO unexpected trips to the supermarket or drugstore, due to running out of diapers
  • Vacations? – Just call us and we will pause your service, while you are away

Save Your Baby’s Bum

  • Cotton equals comfort for your baby.
  • Chemicals added to disposable diapers have been linked to many health related issues. Cloth Diapers are simply safer.
  • NO pins
  • NO gels and NO rashes due to harsh chemicals
  • pH balanced washes
  • Routine Independent lab testing for bacteria
  • Diapers are not just cleaned, but disinfected
  • In the 1950s, 100% of babies wore cloth diapers with 7% having diaper rash. Now, only about 5% wear cloth but almost 80% have diaper rash.
  • Babies potty trained much earlier