Master The Family Trip

Master The Family Trip

You’ve mastered the day trip with your baby and you’re feeling confident enough to try a longer trip. Figuring out what to pack can be a little daunting–especially if you’re using cloth diapers. However, with a bit of planning and a few good tools, you’ll be able to master traveling with your baby in no time.

Short Trips and Cloth Diapers

There’s nothing worse than discovering you’re all out of diapers right as the airline announces a two-hour delay. Consider bringing an extra day’s worth of diapers to accommodate any disruptions. Containing soiled diapers and their odor is a priority so a wet bag is a must. Large wet bags can typically hold about one day’s worth of diapers so make sure you have plenty of room. If you’ll be gone for several days, a pail liner might work better for long-term storage and a couple wet bags will get you through the times you’ll be out and about.

Extended Stays: A Different Game Plan

Trips longer than one week require a different strategy. Aside from the gross idea of carrying around weeks-old soiled diapers, cloth diapers can become ruined after more than a week unwashed. One idea is to check with your diapering service to see if they have a pickup and delivery option in the area where you will be staying. If that isn’t possible, choose an eco-friendly disposable diaper instead. (Tip: order your disposable diapers online and have them shipped to your destinationĀ to save on luggage space and fees!)

Everything Else

We all know that keeping poop contained is a priority while traveling. Now that we’ve got that covered, it’s time to start thinking about everything else. Pack at least two sets of clothing for each day, and all the usual toiletries you use including diaper rash cream, hand sanitizer, baby wash, and wipes. Be sure to pack feeding essentials including bottles, brushes, soap, and clean water (here’s where breastfeeding really comes in handy!). Along with these common items, consider:

  • Small flashlight. Make late night changes and feedings easier, or read for a bit without disturbing baby.
  • First-Aid Kit. Pain relievers and adhesive bandages are a must; toss in some sunscreen and baby-safe insect repellent just in case.
  • Snacks. Traveling with a baby sometimes means crazy schedules and you need to make sure you are nourished.
  • New Toys. A new toy will often keep baby entertained better than something she’s used to seeing.

Start Early

If there’s anything that babies are good at it is disrupting schedules. Don’t wait until the last minute to start packingĀ or you can be sure your baby will choose exactly that time to demand your full attention. Lastly, remember to be flexible. Sticking to a rigid schedule will only stress you and baby so only worry about being late when it matters most. Happy traveling!