Diaper Cover Round-Up

Diaper Cover Round-Up

Diaper covers are an essential item needed for cloth diapering. Diaper covers go over the cotton diaper itself to keep your baby’s clothing, your furniture, and even your lap dry when baby wets or soils the diaper. Today’s diaper covers are stylish, practical, and easy. Choose diaper covers that fit your baby’s body type for the best results.

You have several options of diaper cover styles. You can check out different styles in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area at Babyrama, Diaper Eez, or DearBorn Baby. Also, if you prefer online shopping you can check out the offerings at Lagoon Baby.

Wrap-Style Diaper Covers

Wrap-style diaper covers, like Thirsties Duo Wrap, have wings that wrap from the back of the diaper to the front. The wings fasten with Velcro or snaps in the front of the diaper. This style of diaper cover eliminates the need for any type of fastener of the diaper underneath. Pre-fold or flat diapers are simply tucked into the wrap diaper cover. This style is one of the easiest types of cloth diaper covers to use. They often have elastic on the legs and back to provide a better fit for the diaper cover and to prevent leaks. This style of diaper cover probably will provide the best fit, and you don’t have to worry with fasteners, something that makes them very popular with Aunties and baby sitters.

Pocket Diaper Covers

Pocket diaper covers, like Apple Cheeks or Funky Fluff LUX, have an inner pocket which is stuffed with a pre-fold diaper or a custom-designed absorbent layer. The absorbent layer inside the pocket wicks moisture away from the baby’s skin to the inner layer. These diapers are probably the cotton diaper that’s most like disposable diapers. Child care workers and sitters may prefer them because of their ease of use, especially if parents send them already assembled and ready to go. The disadvantage, though, is that pocket diapers have to be stuffed before use, and after they are soiled you do have to take the layers apart for washing, a task that is not particularly pleasant.

Side Snap Diaper Covers

Side snap covers are much like wraps, except that they fasten on the sides rather than on the front. Because there is less fabric overlap at the sides, it can be difficult to get a good, snug fit with side snap covers. However, these sometimes allow for better airflow under the diaper, so babies with particularly sensitive skin may need a cover like the Motherease Air Flow. Side snap covers do require that the diaper underneath is secured by a fastener.

Pull-On Diaper Covers

Pull-on diaper covers fit over the diaper like a snug pair of undies. They have an elastic waist and leg bands to keep messes and wetness contained, and they are quick and easy to put on the baby. The diapers must be fastened before you put the cover on. Usually, pull-on diaper covers are made from wool, fleece, vinyl, or waterproof nylon. One advantage of vinyl or nylon pull-on diaper covers is that they are most inexpensive style of diaper cover. A disadvantage of pull-on covers is that particularly runny poops may not be completely contained. Another problem with them is that a messy cover has to be pulled down the baby’s legs, making a small mess much bigger. Also, they’re not adjustable, so getting a good snug fit, something that’s important for containing messes, may be difficult. Sustainablebabyish and Woolybottoms both make wool diaper covers, and Bummis makes a pull on pant with a colorful fabric exterior and a PUL interior.

Different brands, sizes, and styles of diaper covers fit differently, so if you have a friend who uses cotton diapers, ask if you can check out their stash. Also, it’s wise to look at several brands, sizes, and styles before you make your final choice as to what kind will suit you and your baby best. At Comfy Cotton’s office you can look at various sizes and styles of diaper covers before you make your final selection. If you’re considering cloth diapers, you may want to think about using a diaper service and get out of some laundry-duty.